Advice for Companies
When to contact us?
  • The Company has exceptional losses or poor cash flow.
  • You are having to decide which creditors to pay.
  • Creditors are threatening legal action.
  • Stress is building up and you want to regain control. 

Initial meetings 
Initial meetings are held free of charge and are in strictest confidence. The meeting will make you aware of the options available, the advantages & disadvantages of each option and the costs involved. 

The solutions we use include: 
  • Refinancing
    We have contacts who with our assistance can formulate a re-financing package. Our staff have worked in finance and are able to introduce you to organisations most likely to assist you saving valuable time. 
  • Creditor Arrangements
    Arrangements can either be informal or formal through a Company Voluntary Arrangement ('CVA'). The Arrangement can provide for a monthly repayment from future trading or the realisation of surplus assets.
  • Administration
    An Administration order prevents creditors taking action whilst the Directors and an Administrator formulate a plan for the future of the business.
  • Liquidations
    Insolvent liquidations can under certain circumstances be the most appropriate option. The Company may be loss making and there is insufficient time to agree a turnaround strategy with creditors. 

Existing advisors
In all cases we work with the existing advisors to agree a strategy to maximise the return to stakeholders.

Further information
We have guides on each of the above mentioned solutions and can e-mail these upon request.