Advice for Individuals & Partnerships
We help individuals and partnerships identify the solutions available to solve financial problems. This includes both individuals with consumer debt and sole traders or partners with businesses. 

When to contact us? 
  • You are having to decide which creditors to pay.
  • Creditors are threatening legal action. 
  • Stress is building up and you would like to regain control over your future. 

Our experience
Our staff have built up extensive experience in financial recovery and personal insolvency having worked in business and in the Insolvency Profession which means that we are aware of the options available and the practical issues arising. 

Contacting us
Picking up the phone is often the hardest decision that someone with financial difficulties will ever make. 

All our advice is given in strictest confidence and initial meetings are without charge. At the end of the initial meeting our aim is to let you will know the options available, the advantages & disadvantages of each option and the costs.

The procedures we use include: 
  • Refinancing
    Our staff have worked in the finance industry and can assist introducing you to the most appropriate lender. This can help you save valuable time.
          Creditor Arrangements
  • We can assist agreeing an arrangement with creditors. This can either be an informal arrangement or a formal Individual Voluntary Arrangement ('IVA')/Partnership Voluntary Arrangement (‘PVA’).

    An IVA/PVA can assist in the following: 
  • Allowing a business to continue to trade generating income for the owner and creditors 
  • Safeguarding the family home by refinancing or making monthly contributions to creditors 
  • Assisting those with professional qualifications to retain those qualifications to generate income for themselves and creditors 



  • Bankruptcy can often be the most appropriate procedure to allow an individual a clean break to rebuild their finances. Bankruptcy is a serious step and it is important that advice is taken prior to applying for bankruptcy. 

Existing advisors

In all cases we work with the existing advisors to agree a strategy to maximise the return to stakeholders.

Further information
We have guides on each of the above mentioned solutions and can e-mail these upon request.